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3am Thoughts: Lights In The Night

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, Friends! So this past week I have been doing a LOT of early shifts, 3:45AM- 12:15PM to be exact. which means a lot of time on the busses and walking the streets at a horribly early time.  Although for the most part, I enjoy my job, these early mornings start to… Continue reading 3am Thoughts: Lights In The Night

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November Bookshelf- 2018

Hello again! Don't worry its just me! here to chat about what I have been reading over the past month! Ever since my post about the dramatic change I made from book-phobe to a completely obsessed with reading- never seen without a book, always carrying a book in her bag-  book lover (which by the… Continue reading November Bookshelf- 2018

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From Bibliophobe To Bookworm

Hello, Friends!☀️ This morning I have the urge to have a chat about something that I feel I have discovered a little late- and in all honesty is a huge reason for how I ended up here on this web-page in the first place. These days, if you catch me on public transport or really… Continue reading From Bibliophobe To Bookworm

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An introduction

Hello Friends! Well, here we are… I’m starting a blog… and here you are, you’re reading my blog- how exciting for us all!!! But before all THAT happens it's probably best if I explain myself a little bit. Hey! I’m Whitney! I just graduated university, moved to a new place with my boyfriend and basically… Continue reading An introduction