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A Safe Place: Mental Health at University

Hey there Beauties! It's just me again here for another Mental Health related post in my Safe Place Series! Today its a bit of a long one as I want to have a little natter about something that I have dealt with for the last three years of my life and that is, you guessed… Continue reading A Safe Place: Mental Health at University

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Adventure Awaits

Hey Friends! Just me checking in again... So as i have stated already on here i recently moved to a new place and when moving to a new place you are greeted with so many new opportunities and experiences on your doorstep. One of the most exciting experiences moving to a new town offers you,… Continue reading Adventure Awaits

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Clicking Refresh On Life

Hey Friends! This is going to be a bit of a ramble about a lot of life stuff but stay with me! So through the 21 years I have spent on this earth (which I am aware is like no time at all) there have been many a situation where I would have rather crawl… Continue reading Clicking Refresh On Life

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An introduction

Hello Friends! Well, here we are… I’m starting a blog… and here you are, you’re reading my blog- how exciting for us all!!! But before all THAT happens it's probably best if I explain myself a little bit. Hey! I’m Whitney! I just graduated university, moved to a new place with my boyfriend and basically… Continue reading An introduction