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How To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

L   O   V   E


This month is all about love. Its everywhere! even your everyday buys are coming in pink heart covered wrapping this month! the world really does go a bit insane for Valentine’s day.
Although I have to agree that it has become very commercialized, and I much prefer to do lots of little acts of love all year round than one big one on a certain day; I can’t deny how lovely it is to have a little valentines day treat. And it shouldn’t only be for couples!

Alone on Valentine’s day?! no big deal! Love is love is love! Even if its love for yourself!
So in the name of woman empowerment here are some great ideas for the independent singleton to celebrate themselves this Valentine’s day!


For me?! I Shouldn’t have!!


Flowers, Chocolates, Candles, Bubblebath, bath bombs… the list goes on. Buy yourself something that makes your soul glow! Treat yourself to something this valentines day, because after all, you know yourself better than anyone so you won’t be disappointed! Also, everyone knows that chocolate doesn’t count on Valentine’s day! they’re actually considered healthy for 24 hours! so go mad and don’t you dare look at the nutritional info on the back of the box girl, you look great! own that box of chocolates!

Busy as a bee?


Are you one of those people that is just ALWAYS working? never have a half hour to yourself in that bust schedule? well then Singleton, guess what!! looks like you’re canceling EVERYTHING. That’s right you heard me correctly! no plans. Just you and that box set you have been desperately wanting to start watching!

You see, the thing about modern life is that we are all about organising and planning and journalling and spreadsheets and being oh so Instagrammable. We all focus on cramming E V E R E T H I N G into the space of 24 hours every. single. day.
It has made us incapable of just sitting… just being with yourself, with your thoughts. There is a sense of serenity that comes with just being, existing for an hour or so; and that, Singleton, is what you should do this Valentine’s day.

So you’re going to run that bath, put on a facemask, light a candle and put on some calm music. Then after that, you’re going to eat your favorite meal and put on that boxset, let your brain wander and find a bit of peace.
Self-care = self-love.

Wine And Dine


Romantic meals aren’t only for couples, Singleton! So grab the biggest wine glass you own (protip: a big glass means less guilt and you don’t have to keep getting up for refills) and find some really A M A Z I N G nosh to dig into! If you want to look super fancy you can swirl the wine round in the glass like we all do, no judgment here, we all do it.
Restaurant or home is up to you! personally, I love going to cafes and restaurants alone, there is something empowering about it, knowing you’re there for you and nobody else. But if you want to avoid the lovey-dovey couples (i don’t blame you, sis) then maybe stay home, or go out for a cute meal with you’re bestie- nobody said valentines day wasn’t to celebrate loving your friends and family too.

Spread The Love


Leading on nicely from the last one (it’s almost like I planned this!)Let’s not forget that the big V-Day is not only about celebrating romantic love!

L O V E    I S    L O V E

So, celebrate everyone you love! Family! Friends! Pets! Everyone and anyone you just couldn’t be without- send em’ a little love! Maybe send little cards out to friends and family that you could spend a day crafting yourself. Or organise a family gets together on valentines so everyone can celebrate together.
Get your squad together to mark the occasion or maybe turn your wine and dine evening from the last idea into a group get together, drink wine (or whatever you prefer) eat good food and chocolate, watch films and celebrate.

Hate Valentines day?

Untitled design.jpg

Hate the tradition? whether you’re in a relationship or not if you hate valentines day (i kinda do) for whatever reason this one is a pretty cool idea! an anti-valentines party!
Basically, you throw a normal party on Valentines but because it’s NOT a valentines party you all get to drink (responsibly please) and call it an ANTI-valentines party! and everyone loves a party! so why not?!
Also, let’s not forget that valentines day at this point only really exists because of the financial gain the economy soaks up from it and that there isn’t really any history behind it that can be backed up… so an anti-valentines day party is actually kind of fitting… in a sense?

My ‘What To Watch?’ List


Alone on valentines day? desperately trying to avoid lovey-dovey romcoms? I got your back! here’s my list of must-watch series to binge and more ‘Com than Rom’ flicks!

‘You’ – The original Netflix series
a typical boy meets girl series but the boy is a bit more ‘Dexter’ than- boy next door. will make you feel pretty boss about being6  sassy and single on Valentine’s day!

6 years –
if you constantly look at relationships and think about how they are all doomed to fail then not to worry! this one is FOR YOU! all about a 6-year relationship that started in their teen years, and how it doesn’t really stand the test of time and space! maybe not the most cheerful film but it’ll certainly remind you that you aren’t missing out on anything while being an empowered, independent BOSS singleton.

The Sweetest Thing –
Okay, its a romcom… but its one of my FAVORITES so, I had to put it in. plus its definitely more Com than Rom like I promised you so you should definitely watch it!

Gone Girl-
Because love kills, obviously.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend-
What if you had superpowers AND you hated your ex? this one is literally that. she throws a shark through his window. it’s awesome.

Kill Bill Volume 1-
You might think it an odd one, but its really a whole film based on an ex revenge plot, which ends in about 40 murders or so which also starts at a wedding so…. I feel like it fits in better than we all thought?

Kill Bill Volume 2-
Because if you watch the first one you HAVE to watch the 2nd one… you’re welcome.

Legally Blonde- 
A classic one. it had to be on the list really, nothing like a boss woman getting revenge on an ex through improving herself and all while looking amazing in pink.

How To Be Single-
what it says on the tin really, a heartwarming comedy about how to OWN your single life, and why you should cherish the time alone.

The Other Woman- 
All these boss ladies who have been seeing the same man team up for some A* revenge.

All about friendship and adult life, and of course it’s flipping hilarious. a must watch.

To all the boys I’ve loved before- Netflix original film
This one is a fabulous film all about a girl trying to save her high school rep, and her friendship with her sisters ex through keeping up a fake relationship! Yes, there is as much drama as it sounds!

Love, Simon-
All about a Closeted highschooler who doesn’t know how to come out; that is until he falls in love with one of his peers in an anonymous online chatroom. but who is the mystery guy? and will they come out for him?

Just Go With It-
Another one that’s more Com than Rom, in my book at least! its definitely one of my all time favorites! I hope you’ll love it too!

Let me know in a comment what your favorite valentines day/ Anti Valentines day films are! whether they are pro-single life or all about romance- I wanna know!

The 40-year-old Virgin-
if you haven’t seen this one already then I don’t really know what to tell you. the man has never had sex and its hilarious.

Any (or all) of the Black Mirror episodes (Netflix)-

Because if you want to be distracted from valentines day why not watch something that makes you question your entire existence and the impact technology has on the world?

7 thoughts on “How To Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day”

  1. This was super comprehensive girl! I love the movie recommendations 😉 we need to have the self care day even if it was just for a little moment!! A face mask and some calming music sounds soo nice right about now!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this post! Definitely don’t need to just be in a couple to celebrate Valentine’s day! I actually don’t do much anyway, I think this one we’re just ordering in and watching movies! Love your recommendation list too ❤️

    Chloe xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We didn’t do anything either, we never celebrate it- to be honest I don’t like the holiday at all! would much rather do nice things all year round because we want to than do it once because we feel we have to.
      Glad you liked the films! some great ones on there!


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