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A Safe Place: Mental Health- Its Time To Talk

Hello there cherubs!

Its been a little while since I have been able to click that lovely little publish button for a Safe Place post, but do not fear! there are lots going of things on behind the scenes!
However today I have chimed in to bring you something so important. Its time to talk.
Today is the seventh of February which of course is Time To Talk day 2019. In the past, I haven’t jumped on days like this to write about for you all but this one is so very different and close to my heart as I’m sure it is for many people.

What? Never heard of time to talk? Or you don’t know how to approach someone about their mental health or your own? Not to worry- I’m here to help.
However you do it, however long you talk for, whatever you talk about and whether it’s in person or not- talking about mental health with someone is so important.
Especially as on the outside it is impossible to know how much someone is struggling.

Time to talk day is all about breaking the stigma that lingers around mental health and acting upon the issue. It’s about realising that it is okay to be talking about mental health and that It’s okay to approach someone about their mental health, or your own. in fact the act of doing just that should be celebrated!
This time to talk day I urge you to reach out to a friend or family member, or maybe someone you know to be struggling. start the conversation and let them know you are there. Usually just knowing someone is there and willing to listen is enough to change their day for the better.
However, if you are on the outside looking in, and don’t know how to approach someone who is struggling then here some easy ways to start the conversation. And also small, easy things that can really be game-changing when helping someone who is on a downward spiral. Sometimes it really is the simple things. the best things in life are free after all (or cost the same amount as a cuppa in a coffee shop)


Go Outside!

I know when I am in a dark place I end up staying cooped up inside for days at a time which inevitably it only makes me feel worse. However, the trouble is that when I am in a spiral like that I don’t realise that I haven’t left home, nor do I realise it could be making me feel much worse.
When I get like this my partner always takes me out for a walk or a hot drink somewhere. I’m almost always reluctant but as soon as I step outside and breathe in the crisp fresh air, my life feels significantly lighter.
and guess what! fresh air is FREE! you can walk anywhere and chat and it’s FREE!
There are so many things you could to too!

– Visit your local park!
– do a bit of window shopping (free option)
– do some ACTUAL shopping (not so free option!)
– walk the dog together (your own dog or theirs … don’t steal someone else’s dogs)
– Go to the beach! (which is nice just to walk along in any season! trust me!)
meet with other people! (the more the merrier!)


Weekly check in’s!

Okay, I’m not saying you need to have a weekly appointment or anything clinical like that! I mean that you could arrange to meet in a local coffee shop once a week on a time that fits both of you. This gives you both some time to chat, vent and get everything off your chest.
Mental health aside this is a great thing to have set up with friends and family anyways as it makes staying in contact so very easy. My mum used to do this with some of her friends (i think she still does) as it helps her stay in contact with everyone even when life gets busy.  Everyone has mental health, and everyone’s mental health can get sick, just like any other illness it isn’t selective. everyone can get a mental illness at any point in their lives. so it’s important to talk to your friends and family regularly. no one is immune. here are some things you could do once a week together that can help and offer an opportunity to talk.

– weekly coffee together at one of your houses (free option)
– weekly coffee together at a coffee shop (not so free option!)
-both have a dog? guess what! weekly dog walking buddies! (requires dog ownership)
– do your weekly food shop together (who said you can’t have a food shopping buddy?)
– running buddy! ( fitness is an amazing way to tackle mental health! get the blood pumping!)
– got a bike? cycling buddy!
– own a swimsuit? SWIMMING BUDDY!
– join a weekly class together! (learning new skills together is fun!) 


Have you been doing okay? how are you?

This is it. This is all it needs to be. No grand gesture, no huge awkward conversation necessary if you don’t quite know how to talk about ‘it’… just a simple ‘how are you?’
To someone who is not struggling with mental health, they will just take this question at face value and reply as such. but to someone who is struggling or has a diagnosed mental illness, it means so much more. it means you want to listen, care and want to help, and that person will treat it as such. they might bare all- telling you the ins and outs of everything that is going on. and that’s fine. Or they might not- which is fine too. some people need to vent, others just need to know you’re there. the most important thing is the question is asked in the first place.

Emotional pain is not somthing that should be hidden away and never spoken about. There is truth in your pain, there is growth in your pain, but only if its first brought out into the open..jpg

Now, for the other half of people reading this…

Hello there, I’m glad you came here and found my little page. you may be just browsing around or maybe your here because you are struggling. Either reason is fine I am just glad you’re here.
What you feel every day, no matter the reason why you feel it is 100% valid. there is nothing wrong with you and not to sound too cliche but it is okay not to be okay. I’m not going to talk too much about myself – I have a whole series worth of post’s that do that in my Mental Health series. this is about you.

If you are struggling and are finding it difficult to cope please reach out to someone. Anyone at all that you feel will listen (and I can promise you that most people will listen.) You did not choose to have this illness or battle that you are facing, but you can choose to combat it, you can choose to fight and find things that help you tackle it. It’s not easy but every time you talk to someone about it it feels a little lighter… a little easier.
As much as this post aimed to help others approach you, you need to approach others too, and you can choose whether that be a professional, friend or family member. It is in your control. You are not your illness, you are not your pain, don’t let it define you and consume you.
Talk to someone today. Its time to talk.
Break the stigma.


I love all of you so very much.

– Whitney




for more information visit the time to talk website here

For mental health helplines (UK) click the link below. find the help you need today.

For mental health helplines (USA) click the link below.

For global mental health and abuse helplines click the link below

Suicidal thoughts advice and helplines. Don’t choose a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

16 thoughts on “A Safe Place: Mental Health- Its Time To Talk”

  1. Great post ♥️ I always like special days like these, because it really does get people talking, although of course it should continue past this day! Talking about it was what helped me, I got to a point where I felt like I’d be stuck feeling that low forever, and all it took to get myself to that turning point was reaching out to a friend. I’ll always have more bad days, but I know there’s people out there that will listen to me and that helps me get through those bad days 🙂

    Chloe Chats xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is so important to talk to people! days like these (i like to believe) serve as a way to tell people who aren’t already talking, that they should start. it breaks down the stigma person by person- to stop mental health breaking down the people suffering.
      It really does make everything easier as soon as you open up, everyone has good and bad days- the goal is to be in a place where the good outweighs the bad- or at least in a place mentally when you can focus on the good instead of only seeing the darkness.


  2. Brilliant post Whitney and some great tips for helping someone with mental health issues. The bit about not stealing someone else’s dog for your dog walk made me chuckle!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was a great post Whitney! I really enjoyed reading about time to talk. It’s so important we all have some time to do so. I also like the activities you listed .. free and the not so free! I’m a cheapo so I would lean towards the free options 😂 I also love that picture that healing isn’t linear. It is so true and it takes steps to get there!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Whitney, this is a beautiful post! I think you should pitch to media sites like the BBC as they often host articles on mental health. You write so beautifully!

    Liked by 1 person

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