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3am Thoughts: A Rainy Commute

Hey there Friends!

Welcome to my 3am Thoughts. It’s currently 3:03am on a Friday morning, I’m sitting on a bus dragging myself to work- which if your wondering I do spend about 70% of my time doing these days…
Pale shadows of sleep-deprived commuters surround me. All fashioning a bag under each eye whilst helplessly clutching a travel mug of coffee, or being sucked into the comforting blue light of a phone screen. For me, joining this crowd of early morning bus dwellers has become a regular occurrence, and now some of the faces that once felt like judgemental, intimidating strangers now appear softer and more familiar- friendly even. (which is a big thing to say coming from someone that is socially incapable and incredibly anxious… anyway- moving on)

The rain is hammering down hard This morning, whilst walking to the bus stop earlier I remember the sound the rain orchestrated upon colliding with my umbrella. ‘it sounds like an encore’ i remember thinking, ‘like a million people clapping at the same time’. I realised the more I focused on it at that moment the more the sound faded away until it almost sounded like the static of an old television set failing to connect to a network.
I have always enjoyed the peaceful sound of rain, I feel like most people do… that’s why 24hr long videos of rain sounds exist on YouTube… I mean 24 hours of rain sounds is maybe a little over the top- but whatever floats your boat… Rain would definitely float a boat- if there was enough of it on the outside of the boat of course.


What I really find interesting- if you’ll humour me a little- is that (as we have just decided) most people like the sound of rain and love watching the rain but, if you actually PUT those people in the rain… they HATE it. and my friends this is what I conclude to be the reason why everyone on this bus is grumpy. because they all had to actually experience rain. Usually, I would say to be outside in the wet weather is lovely (as long as you can have a shower as soon as the novelty wears off to warm up) but today mother nature is not playing around.
I am sat in my favourite seat- right behind the driver in a single seat with my feet up on the little ledge by the window. I sit here on my journey to work whenever its free, and on those times when someone gets there before I do… well I just have to find another seat…. but I’m never very happy about it!

The single-seat means no forced travel buddies. and no 3am drunks trying to spark up a convocation about how much money they earn and how they have ‘cheated the system’ somehow. It means I don’t have to feel guilty about putting my bag on the seat next to me to fend off those rogue travellers looking for a seat (don’t you dare judge me you all do that too)
In truth I actually quite like these early morning starts, sure its a tad unsociable and I have to set my alarm for 1:30 am which is always a tad depressing but it means I have finished work by midday which means I have at least another 4 hours of daylight to do what I want until its dark out. Even if what all I decide to do is crawl under a blanket and play Red Dead Redemption 2 until its bedtime again (which by the way if you’re a gamer and you’re not playing it then we need to have words because you really should be)

The rain has picked up a bit outside the bus now, so much so that you could almost confuse it for hail. Its thundering sound echoes through the bus as it hits the roof. Drawing all tired eyes to the windows in disbelief. If I could hear the thoughts of every individual here, I imagine that moment would have sounded like a universal sigh or groan of discomfort- all in the knowledge that at some point we have to step off this bus.
However, now it is debatable whether this bus is protecting us all from the will of mother nature or not as she challenges the integrity for the bus. the doors themselves are filling with water- so much so that each glass door now resembles a very thin aquarium. the lights themselves seem to be struggling for reasons I couldn’t begin to explain- but it certainly creates a spooky atmosphere. and now my beloved seat, in the prime location for ensuring maximum isolation from other humans- has betrayed me. for her window is leaking creating a slow, consistent trickle flowing in a delicate geometric stream with seemingly sharp edges as the water moves as one. It gathers around my feet, making my boots into two small islands.
As we round a corner, and all the water collected at my feet rolls over the edge of the step spilling onto the bus cabin floor spreading thinly as it rolls with the momentum of the bus- we are now nearing my stop. which in turn means I must stop typing and get off to work. I hope you have enjoyed this random account of my journey to work- I’m not really sure why I wrote it but I quite enjoyed it so maybe I’ll write more accounts of 3am thoughts in the future- who knows really.

if you now have the urge to listen to 24 hours of rain sounds as a result of this blog I am deeply sorry. here is a link to some rain. I hope you feel better.

Also if you’re wondering how many times I have typed the word ‘rain’ in this (including that time) its 15 times….. You’re welcome.

That’s me done for this morning lovely people! Speak soon!

Bye friends!


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16 thoughts on “3am Thoughts: A Rainy Commute”

  1. I enjoyed this, it was a lovely read.
    Rain is such a comfort for me – I love it when I’m on the bus, I tend to watch the little droplets running down the window and guess which one will make it to the bottom first.
    Also have to get this in – YES to RDR2! The first is one of my favourite games of all time, completely adore the second haha!
    Thank you for this, loved it.
    Chelsea |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou darling! Im so glad you liked it ! I love watching the rain trickle down the window too. So relaxing and comforting. Mother nature is so peaceful yet so powerful.
      Gald youre a fellow RDR2 fan! I am liiving for it still! Got so many hours into it! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE the sound of rain. I think it’s tied with the sound of wind for things I love falling asleep to. Sometimes I’ll listen to it on youtube while I’m cleaning my house. Something about it is just so relaxing and seems to clear my mind. So glad I found your blog, you’re a really great writer!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love listening to the rain! You’re right though, it’s not as much fun being in it! Especially that drizzly kind of rain (I prefer a heavy downpour). I have a rain recording on my meditation app, don’t worry it’s not 24 hours long!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m definitely one of those people that love the sound of the rain but doesn’t want to be out in it, however my bf is the opposite; he insisted on going for a walk in the cold, wind, and rain last night because he “liked the weather”😂

    Liked by 1 person

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