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Adventure Awaits

Hey Friends!
Just me checking in again…

So as i have stated already on here i recently moved to a new place and when moving to a new place you are greeted with so many new opportunities and experiences on your doorstep. One of the most exciting experiences moving to a new town offers you, i believe, is the opportunity to explore a new exciting place for the first time. uncovering all the unique hidden Jems a town has to offer.
In the situation i am in now, i believe everything is slightly different however. Because although i am discovering these places for the first time- my boyfriend on the other hand, has lived here is whole life. and it is so interesting to see to see just how desensitised he is to the beauty this place has locked away.

…. in all honesty i am writing this post so i can have a place to gush over how AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL this place is. i literally cant get over it…

But before that lets backtrack. so its my day off work, usually i would spend the day lazily draped across the sofa- mug of tea in hand getting lost in past episodes of Riverdale, but not that day. Because on that day as if by magic, me and my partner both actually had the same days off! i know… madness!
So instead he decides we will go for a walk around the local park. he explains it to me saying it has a lake and lots of places to sit in the shade watching the world go by.  i thought that sounded lovely so off we went.
It was still summertime, so sun rays where beating down on us, their hot gaze warming our skin, the warm wind gently caressed the skirt of my dress.  beautiful days like that are the memories we hold onto the longest, like the smell of a grande meal still lingering after it has has long been devoured.
After a 25 minute walk we enter the park, it has a stately home to the side of it that goes by the same name as the park- this is not uncommon in England for lot of parks are converted from old Victorian grounds. this however was the first giveaway that this park was a little bigger than the bark covered glorified children’s play area i was expecting. We walked through a wooded area until the giveaway sounds of the summer holidays begun spilling through the trees. and when we emerged from the treeline this is the view that greeted us.


45080499_321527348666351_2062805348397350912_n.jpg It was Stunning. More than the small park he had prepared me for. And the fact that he was completely unawares of the sheer beauty this place had to offer was shocking to me. This was nature at its finest. just… stunning. there isn’t another word i can think of.  it was breath taking.
It was not only the lake you see in these snaps, oh no there was so much more hidden beyond those trees. A children’s play park, a natural gym, a maze, a tree top park, a branded restaurant and a small zoo! ( i mean they called it a ‘petting zoo’ but it had Meerkats, Tigers and Reindeer… so i don’t know about you guys buuuut that’s a zoo if you ask me!)

Discovering this wonderland made me realise how important it is for me to actually go out and explore this new place i am living in- and not be too afraid to leave the house alone. because in even the most built up of places- or the most unlikely places- little treasures like this are tucked away. Hiding. Just wanting to be explored.
It is likely that someone may see these pictures and recognise this place and think ‘oh that just that park, that’s nothing special’ but just look at what nature has done here. look at how amazing this is to experience for the first time. And to have this on your doorstep? or to grow up here ? wow. i just keep thinking how lucky i am that i can just go here whenever i like. to write, to read or just… to exist.

i was so excited about discovering this place that i wanted so desperately to take my mother there on her next visit. so here are some pictures from our little adventure!

45299618_364308137641992_6914554913112457216_n.jpg45186816_292446891368080_3510449381461458944_n.jpg45140247_275694149750915_3659246504796749824_n.jpg45103447_2188516734694580_1896555694174240768_n.jpg 45099868_2228206154078953_865832558963720192_n (1).jpg 45068909_260430604659875_4388615265433157632_n.jpg 45097818_527257311076354_4075981159983480832_n.jpg

Really what i can take away from this, and give to you is this. Go out there and experience the world. rediscover places you have close to you with fresh eyes. see the beauty in everything. appreciate your surroundings. it is oh so tempting to spend your days watching Netflix – Episodes of series you have seen a million times with a hot cup to tea to keep you company.
Although doing that is perfectly fine. why not go and explore? just because you can.

Also if a so called ‘petting zoo’ has Tigers, Meerkats and Reindeer- they’re confused. That’s a zoo. you can’t pet no tiger…

I think that’s all i got for now- so speak soon!

Bye Friends!

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