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An introduction

Hello Friends!

Well, here we are… I’m starting a blog… and here you are, you’re reading my blog- how exciting for us all!!!
But before all THAT happens it’s probably best if I explain myself a little bit.
Hey! I’m Whitney! I just graduated university, moved to a new place with my boyfriend and basically clicked refresh on my life. aaaaand it’s weird. I’m not sure when but it seems that at some point in all this I became an adult? and now I have bills and a full-time job? weird.

SO with all the crazy, that’s been happening and my quarter-life crisis truly setting in I have decided to come here- to the internet- like the unsociable, anxious 20 something-year-old woman that I am. I know I’m so relatable and totally different from everyone else on the internet right? right! (SaRcAsM)
All of that aside here I am! and where exactly this blog is going?- I’m not quite sure- but I have a lot to say and I hope someone will stick around long enough to listen to some of it.

I feel like its fairly important that I say something about myself at this point to fully explain how I have ended up here. I’m an actor- I just graduated university in Acting for Film- I’m from a run-down seaside town in South East England. and for all my life that I can remember I lived with my Beautiful, Amazing Mother.
Long story short everyone kept telling me that life will get better when I was at the ‘next step’ whether it be secondary school, college or university. I believed that it would just get better one day- like it was promised to me or something. how very very VERY naive of me! SPOILER KIDS it doesn’t happen like that. so I guess I’m taking control and making something positive happen for myself by being here.

so that’s it! go forth and read my blog. have fun, enjoy yourself. let us see how this thing goes and i sincerely hope this wasn’t an awful idea!

Bye Friends! ♥♥

4 thoughts on “An introduction”

  1. It’s almost the same with me. But I haven’t graduated yet and even though I’m 23, I still don’t feel like an adult. And that’s exactly why I am here on the internet. Because I want to make something more of myself.

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    1. I know how you feel- its so frustrating when you want so much more for yourself but just dont know how to grasp it. i hope you find everything your looking for!
      And goodluck with your Degree, darling!!!


  2. Hey love!! Nice to meet you! Whitney! I just love reading introductions. Congratulations on graduating and making a blog!! Yayyy! I’m sure you will grow this like crazy and it will be super awesome and amazing! 😁

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